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Michael Good is an award winning published author of "The La Tuna Variant: Surviving The Covid-19 Outbreak In America's Most Dysfunctional Federal Prison" with titles including "Trappin': A Fayettenam Story" 1-3, "Fayettevillian: The Birth of Juan", "Duplicity: Faces of Desire", and many short stories written under the pseudonym MrGoodGoesHard. For more information visit his instagram: @mrgoodgoeshardtheauthor



Our collection of short stories, by some of the best new black authors, combine their outlook of the world from different unique perspectives. Its a coming out party enabling these authors to showcase their talent using a multitude of genres. Relax yourself and enjoy the ride. Its a celebration of Melanin! Authors include: Tonya Bethley Hudson, Danielle Lawrence, LeTysha Montgomery, Janae Jackson, and Chrissy Good